Crisis Action

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Voices from South Sudan

(Picture 1 above)

Crisis Action (and other NGO's) invited Dear World creator/photographer Robert Fogarty and U.S. Ambassador to South Sudan Donald Booth to speak about the South Sudan, the world's youngest country. The event was to take place at the British Embassy in Washington, DC. and Crisis Action needed an eye-catching invitation for the event. After emailing Robert Fogarty to obtain his personal favorite photos, we brought elements of those powerful photographs together to create an invitation for the event.

Save Syrian Children

(Picture 2 above)

A private screening of the controversial BBC Panorama documentary Save Syrian Children was to be held in Washington, D.C. at The United States Capitol. The documentary follows British doctors inside Syria and reveals the impact of the war on children caught in the conflict. For the invitation, our studio was provided with one photo (three children, top right) and the relevant event information. We obtained a digital copy of the documentary and extracted frames were interesting and best suited for an invitation.