District Legal Services

Logo and Print

District Legal Services wants to be the premier provider of legal support services and service of process in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas. We were asked to create a logo for this D.C. based service firm. We were asked to not utilize the typical and overused legal imagery like a gavel, or scales of justice. The logo needed to reflect the District of Columbia, the nation's capital and appeal to it's residents and businesses. Those that do not live in the Metro D.C. area are probably not familiar with the flag of District of Columbia. It's a simple design consisting of 2 horizontal stripes and 3 stars in a row above. The design is very well known in the D.C. area and the flag flies over all D.C. government buildings.

The final logo was inspired by the D.C. Flag and the U.S. Capital Building where all of our national laws are debated and passed. The Capital Building was simplified and reduced down to its basic architectural elements with the dome remaining the most recognizable. Any D.C. area resident would easily relate this logo and the company to the D.C. area. The logo was well received and the business is growing.