Kramer IP Search

Patent Timeline

Kramer IP Search is a patent and literature research office located in Alexandria, VA. An annual industry patent conference was coming up and Kramer IP asked us to create a promotional piece that they could hand out at the event. They wanted a marketing piece that wouldn't be recycled as soon as the conference was over. A piece interesting enough that the recipient would keep and take back home, ensuring the name Kramer IP Search would be remembered. A few weeks before we were asked to help, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved patent number 9 million. This was very note worthy and a hot topic in the patent and trademark industries.

We had the idea of creating a timeline of the patents granted since the inception of the USPTO. Kramer IP Search loved the idea and our studio began to research. Little did we realize then what a mammoth, interesting and educational undertaking this would become. We spent over 100 hours researching interesting and ground breaking patents. We downloaded the USPTO patent in PDF format and then digitally extracted the patent artwork. In addition to displaying some interesting and historical patents, the timeline also displays the length of time it has taken to reach each million patent mark. The vertical gray areas in the background serve as a visual indicator for the length of time between each millionth patent. This information is further emphasized in the top row showing each millionth milestone patent information. It took 75 years to go from patent number one all the way to patent number 1 million, but only 3 years between the 8th and 9th millionth.

The timeline was printed & delivered in the three standard sizes of 24x36, 18x24 and 11x17. Multiple prints of each size were delivered and handed out at the patent conference. The timeline was very well received with many attendees expressing disappointment at not being able to acquire one for themselves. A follow up tri-fold self-mail promotional piece was also produced and mailed after the conference (image 2 above).

Through our partner company, we would be happy to print and deliver these on demand to those that would like one. Please contact us through the link at the top of this page.