Middle East Investment Initiative (MEII)

Middle East Recovery Plan Report and Infographics

(Picture 1 above)

Ten days before an emergency United Nations meeting in Ankara, Turkey on the Syrian refugee crisis, MEII contacted XianStudio for assistance in page layout and infographic design for their working paper on the Syrian refugee crisis. Under this tight deadline, we successfully coordinated with individuals in Washington, D.C. and Ankara, Turkey working with a seven hour time difference. Five infographics were created for the statistics quoted (at that time) within the working paper. The paper was laid out in an easy to read format with shorter than normal line length for ease of reading. Pull quotes were identified and highlighted. It was printed traditionally and handed out to the United Nations meeting attendees. It was also produced in PDF format for email delivery, with an emphasis on small file size due to slow internet speeds in certain regions within Turkey. A final report, updated from the working paper version, was completed in the spring of 2016.

Social Media Campaign Images

(Picture 2 above)

In conjunction with the Middle East Recovery Plan report, MEII wanted to create a social media campaign to raise awareness of the Syrian Crisis. Our studio was provided with the five messages and hashtag #withSyria. Our studio was only provided with one image involving the medical facilities, so we were tasked with researching online for public use photographs involving the Syrian crisis. After the photos were reviewed and final decisions were made, the message was applied along with iconography where necessary.