Sustainable Investments Institute

Logo & Website Redesign

The Sustainable Investment Institute (Si2), a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., conducts impartial research and publishes reports on organized efforts to influence corporate behavior on social and environmental issues. Si2 closely follows shareholder resolutions proposed by investor activists, analyzing changing reform campaigns and identifying key points of contention in reports that enable institutional investors to make informed, independent decisions about their votes and views on these proposals. In addition to educational proxy research materials for members, SI2 publishes reports for the interested public on related emerging issues. Our studio was asked to design a logo, business cards and a website.

The logo needed to appeal to large investment institutions and small sustainability research groups. The green abstract leaf represents nature and sustainability while the supporting 90° angled structure is representative of an investing chart. The leaf forms part of the investing line, moving up and showing positive progress.

The website needed to be split into a public and a private area for their members. Si2 maintains a large database of reports and complex corporate information that required an easy to use and understand searchable interface. The search results then had to be displayed in a logical, structured and simple manner. We created icons and limited wording to eliminate visual screen clutter. The completed design was received enthusiastically by Si2 and their clients.