Today's Tutors

Logo and Website

Today’s Tutors offers private, individualized one-on-one tutoring programs inside the student’s home, where they are most comfortable learning and less distracted by the social pressures and academic expectations of public schools. They provide their students qualified tutors in conjunction with individualized attention and modern teaching methods in just about every subject and age group, from kindergarten through grade 12. We were asked to create a logo, edit an news interview with the founder and create a website.

The logo needed to relate to education, but not target elementary school as they do tutor high school age students as well as provide test prep. Also we wanted to stay away from the overused representations such as an apple or pencil. We chose to stylize a slide in lecture seat with a writing desk feature. Many schools still use these type of desks for all grade levels. It has a memorable shape and is unique. It is an easily recognizable and not commonly used as a symbol. For some marketing purposes we used the logo as a canvas to apply educational key words such as SAT, GRE, etc.

The website was designed to be informational and explains the tutoring services offered, tutoring methods, biographies of the tutors and success stories. A video was provided to our studio on CD. We edited the video using Adobe Premiere and uploaded it to the website, placing it prominantly on the front page. The logo and website was enthusiastically welcomed by the client and the business continues to grow.